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Discover rural internet options for California residents

Rural areas in Californians may struggle for wireless signal Some rural areas in California may struggle for wireless signal due to the state's mountainous terrain. This coastal state is known for its idealistic living style thanks to its proximity to the ocean, mild weather, and mountain views. Many homes and businesses along California's coast are nestled into the mountains, which can sometimes make getting a wireless signal difficult.

Connecting to the internet is important in today's world
The internet does a lot to keep people connected to the world around them. Home users may stream movies or play online games as a form of entertainment if they live a long ways away from bigger cities. The internet also allows people in rural areas to connect to their schools and even their work. Residents can even connect with healthcare providers remotely via the internet for quick assistance.

Wireless internet allows users flexibility while online
Wireless internet is a popular type of internet service due to wireless' flexibility. Wired internet requires users to plug-in or hook up to the internet, often leading to a limited number of devices being able to be used at a time. Wireless internet, on the other hand, allows users to connect multiple devices at a time and move freely between rooms in homes and offices since it does not require users to plug-in to connect to the internet.

3G, 4G, and satellite internet can reach California residents with little to no Internet options
California residents who live in remote areas may not have access to an Internet connection or have a limited number of service providers to chose from. 3G, 4G, and satellite internet are different plans to that give rural people access to high-speed internet.

3G wireless internet offers high-speed internet that uses cell phone towers to connects its users to the internet. 3G internet varies slightly from 4G services. While both have high-speed connections, 3G is slightly slower than 4G. Since 4G can reach higher speeds, it requires the use of larger, more powerful cell phone towers to work, which makes the 3G more widely available than the 4G.

Unfortunately, not all California residents live within range of cell phone towers. Satellite internet may be an option for rural California residents who are looking for high-speed internet access. Though satellite Internet is sometimes slower than 3G and 4G internet, it does offer high speeds than dial-up and is able to reach a wide area. Satellite Internet requires subscribers to have a clear, southern facing view for the dish connector. This dish then connects with a satellite in space, providing service to rural areas in California that may struggle for wireless signal.

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