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Johnathan M Hinnex ★★★★
I have had several occasions where I needed a Rural Internet Provider. Very difficult position to fill. I live in southern Arizona and there are NO CABLE or Dsl providers within 200 miles. Our last resort was Yellow Broadband and we have been with them for several years now. Overall experience has been pretty good, The customer service was a little slow but they came thru for us on several occasions

Arthur J. ★★★★★
As a business owner I cannot afford any lacking by the people who work for me and Internet is a critical factor in that but Yellow has never ever disappointed us.

Nickolas B. Quinn ★★★★★
Service is great! I'm so happy to have a local alternative to the big telecorps. The support is amazing, as well.

Mary Johnson ★★★★
Excellent customer service, no sitting on hold, hoping for help to come like other internet providers. They actually answer the phone and answer questions right away. We had to move recently and they came right in and got our service moved to new location within the week with no problems/issues.

Connie J. Payne ★★★★★
Only internet provider that is available here in AZ for rural areas. This five star review is well-earned !

Erika Wiley ★★★★★
Overall I am very satisfied and highly recommend.

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