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Satellite Internet: The Future!

If you live in a remote location anywhere in rural U.S.A, chances are that you feel cut off from towns and cities. You may even have limited internet options. But Satellite Internet service can change all that for you in an instant!

Up until now, individuals and families living in remote communities had just two options to get connected to the internet:

No matter where you live, and no matter what other service you already may or may not have – phone, cable etc. – with satellite internet, you get to connect to the world. You are no longer “isolated”!



Satellite Internet 101

For years, until now, internet access via a satellite connection was hardly an option for many subscribers. There were several reasons:

However, technological evolution over the past several years has changed all of that. Today’s broadband internet access via a satellite service is comparable – and often times even faster! – than what DSL or Cable offers. In fact, for instance, because DSL service requires proximity to the phone company’s Central Office (CO), that technology is not even an option to many rural and isolated communities across America.

So how exactly does broadband satellite internet work?

For you to receive internet access through a satellite service provider, you need three major components:

  1. A modem, connected to your computer

  2. A satellite dish – usually installed outdoors, often on top of your roof

  3. A geostationary satellite up in space

When you send a request from your computer, your modem (1) will send that request to the satellite dish (2) on your rooftop, which is then routed to the satellite (3) orbiting up in space. It is important to understand that while satellite internet service uses an orbiting satellite, it (the satellite) is in fact constantly maintains a relatively fixed location; which makes it predictable for communication requests to be sent and received to/from it.

The orbiting satellite passes a signal, containing your request, to your service provider’s communication hub (4). The requisite data (5) - website, email, product details etc. – is retrieved, and it makes its way back to your computer via the same route it took when you made the request.  

You may think that, with satellite signals travelling all the way into the atmosphere, and then bouncing off dish antennas and hubs, internet access might take an eternity. You’re wrong. It takes seconds for messages to go back and forth between various components – and it’s hardly noticeable!

Why Broadband Satellite Internet?

There a lot of good reasons why you should consider satellite internet service, especially if you are living in a remote area of the country:

One of the most compelling reasons for going satellite, is its universal availability: Any place that has line-of-sight to the southern skies can get access to the internet via a satellite service. You don’t need a network of cell towers or telephone relay stations or underground cables. You satellite service is truly a wireless communications service.

With so much to gain, it’s no wonder that broadband satellite internet service is the popular choice of most rural communities across America to get onto the internet!

Looking for Alternative to Satellite Internet ?

Yellow Jacket Broadband, Is one of few  National Wireless internet specialists. If you are looking for Wireless internet, chances are that your service provider will try\ to sell you a costly cable subscription first, before they can offer you internet!

So you turn to a DSL internet service provider to get them to provide you with internet access to your home or business – but you’d be out of luck there too! DSL providers often bundle their services with expensive home or business phone services. Or you will simply be out of range for quality DSL or other type of Internet Services.

That’s because Yellow Jacket is a  broadband wireless internet service specialists. PERIOD! That’s what they do. So if you are looking for Rural internet services, then you are in the right place.According to Steven Goldstein from Yellow Jacket Broadband “ We understand our customer’s internet needs better than any other service provider in the business. That’s why we offer one of the broadest coverage across rural America – in over 50 states!  You can easily check availability for our service where you live.”

Satellite Internet VS Wireless Internet !

  Satellite internet access is a breeze. There are no complicated forms to fill out, and no digging or cable-pulling or phone-line activation involved. A qualified technician will install a dish outside your office or home, and your computer will be connected – via a supplied modem – to the dish.

And that’s it: You now have your satellite internet access up and running!

Best of all – your service is never “powered off” – it’s always on and available to work whenever you are. You won’t need to dial-it-up or wait for it to boot up. Since the satellite is always orbiting and available, your internet traffic always has a green light to go!

As for Wireless Internet , You simply fill out the form and answer a few questions then your paackage will come in the mail. Plug it in and you are LIVE! Just like WIFI!

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