Unlimited Wireless Internet in HAWAII

HAWAII : $99 per month PERIOD !

Yellow Jacket Broadband is now Yellow Broadband: your wireless internet solution. A significant benefit of unlimited wireless internet would be you don't need to stress over buying ethernet cords for each and every office/desktop, whereas many buildings have multiple ethernet outlets PER room, well you can say goodbye to that with an addition of

  • Unlimited technical support 24/7
  • $99 per month Forever
  • NO wires
  • Internet access at your fingertips
  • Good speeds for ALL connected devices

Hawaii is a western US state, 2,000 miles from the US mainland and in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is the only state entirely comprised of islands and the only state outside of North America. Hawaii ranks as the third wealthiest state in the US and has a population of nearly 1.5 million.


Hawaii ranks 7th out of all 50 states in internet connectivity and the average statewide speed is 20.6 Mbps. Speed: Nearly 96% of Hawaii is equipped with 100 Mbps + speeds and 7th most connected state in the country. Providers: A plethora of providers, including brand names like Spectrum and HughesNet are also available in Hawaii. Satellite internet in Hawaii is a range of $30-$150 for highest speed of 15 Mbps and 3 different providers available.

Your new plan

At the end of the day though it doesn't get any better than a stable connection and internet plan through and through, no matter the state. From Yellow Broadband all the way to Honolulu I present to you, your new plan:

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