Unlimited Wireless Internet in NEW MEXICO

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New Mexico residents can stay connected through wireless internet

New Mexico has over 1 million consumers without DSL
Many New Mexico residents do not have access to a high-speed Internet connection at home or work. Since wired internet options, such as DSL and dial-up connections, require the use of cables to connect its users, rural residents may have limited provider choices or no internet service options at all. Wired services are often not available in some rural areas due to the low population, and the fact residents are often sprawled out, which make it expensive and difficult to provide services to these residents.

Wireless internet is important in keeping residents connected
Accessing the internet has quickly become a necessity of everyday life. People access the internet daily by using Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more in their daily lives. While most people connect to the internet regularly without giving it a second thought, some New Mexico residents do not have DSL connections available to them. Wireless internet is an option for subscribers without DSL.

Wireless internet offers many benefits wired services do not. Whether at home or work, wireless gives users more freedom in their use of Internet by allowing multiple devices to connect to the internet at a time. Wireless also lets users travel between rooms while connected. Wired internet requires users to have multiple connections set up to change rooms and limit the number of devices used at a time.

Cell phone towers make 3 and 4G internet an option for rural residents
3G and 4G wireless internet use the signal from cell phone towers to connect rural residents to high-speed internet. Subscribers will use a modem, antenna, and signal booster to receive 3G and 4G signal.

4G wireless internet offers the fastest internet speeds but is available in a more limited area. To achieve its fast speeds, 4G requires the use of bigger cell phone towers, which leads to its limited availability.

3G, however, is available in a wider area since it can use smaller towers to connect its users. It is a little slower than 4G, but users are still able to stream videos, download files, and even play online games with 3G and 4G services.

Satellite Internet is available to users outside of cell phone tower range
Though 3 and 4G services are available to many rural New Mexico residents, some people may be located outside of the range of cell phone towers. Satellite wireless internet is an option for many rural people as it can cover a bigger range. Satellite internet links a space satellite with a home receiver allowing it to bypass the use of cell phone towers to cover a broader area. Wireless internet is a strong alternative to DSL While New Mexico has over 1 million consumers without DSL connection, wireless internet can offer coverage to an extended area. With flexibility, high speeds, and more, wireless internet continues to be a popular choice at work and home.

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