Unlimited Wireless Internet in SOUTH CAROLINA

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Wireless internet is a great option for rural South Carolina residents

Wired internet is not available to all South Carolina residents
With most households and businesses having an internet connection, most people assume all citizens have internet access readily available. However, that is not always the case. Some rural South Carolina residents may face a lack of provider options or have no options for internet service in their area due to their location.

Island residents may not have a wired internet options
South Carolina residents who live off the coast of the state, such as those who live in Edisto and Wadmalaw Islands, may not have access to dial-up or DSL internet connections due to their location. Wireless internet is a great option for these residents as they can connect via antennas and other equipment instead of via wired connections.

Mountains regions also limit Internet options for rural residents
Though many people equate ocean views to South Carolina, the state is also home to some mountainous areas as well. Hosting a few different mountain ranges, residents who live near South Carolina's mountainous areas may need to select a rural internet option.

Mountain view towns such as Long Creek, Madison, and Easley, provide residents with beautiful views but may hinder access to wired internet connections. Wireless internet can provide these residents with fast internet speeds and unlimited internet plans.

Rural residents can chose the wireless plan that works best for them
There are a few different types of wireless internet options available to rural residents. Subscribers will need to consider their location, the internet speeds that are available to in their area, and the reasons of their internet usage when choosing a plan.

3G and 4G wireless internet offer high speeds capable of supporting users who utilize the internet for streaming and online gaming. This wireless service requires the use of modems, antennas, and a signal booster to connect with signals from local cell phone towers to provide subscribers with internet. Though both 3G and 4G services offer fast speeds, the 4G is a bit quicker than the 3G. Due to its faster speed, 4G wireless internet requires bigger cell phone towers to run, which can limit its availability. 3G is more widely available as it can use more cell phone towers.

For rural residents who live outside of cell phone tower range, satellite internet can also provide residents with fast Internet connection. Linking a satellite device on Earth to a device in space, satellite Internet can reach residents where 3G and 4G cannot. Wireless internet for rural residents offers advantages over wire services While just 5 cities in South Carolina that must have rural internet are listed, many South Carolina residents benefit from having wireless internet. Rural citizens can stay easily stay connected and experience high internet speeds with wireless services.

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