Unlimited Wireless Internet in WASHINGTON


Discover internet options for Washington residents without signal

Can't find internet signal in Washington?
Washington is known for its lush forests and picturesque mountains, which make it an ideal state to live in for many people. The mountains that make Washington such a beautiful place, can also make it difficult for residents to find internet signal. DSL, dial-up, and cable internet options are not always available to all of Washington's residents as it is difficult to run wires in some areas. For residents of these remote areas, wireless internet services is a great option to use to stay connected.

3G and 4G wireless internet is available to many Washington residents
3G and 4G wireless internet uses the signal from cell phone towers to keep people connected. These internet options use the signal from cell phone towers to connect subscribers to the internet. Various pieces of equipment, such as signal boosters and LANs, is used to get member set up with internet connection.

While both wireless options provide users with high speed internet that can support online gaming and video streaming, the two services do differ slightly. 3G wireless internet is a bit slower than its counterpart, but it also can reach further than 4G networks can. Since 4G is faster than 3G it requires a connection to a stronger tower, which can limit 4G's range. Both options, however, provide users with the internet speed they need to complete many different online tasks.

Satellite internet is an option for residents outside of 3G and 4G zones
Some Washington residents may live too far from cell phone towers to be able to have 3G or 4G wireless internet. Satellite internet may be an option for residents who live outside of the cell phone tower ranges. Satellite internet requires the use of a dish to connect users to the internet and can support any tasks subscribers need to complete online.

Though satellite internet is sometimes slower than other options, it does offer higher speeds than dial-up connections. Satellite internet provides a high-speed connection capable of reaching Washington residents that live in remote locations.

There are many benefits to having wireless internet
Remote Washington residents who struggle to find signal in their area can miss out on many opportunities. Wireless internet allows users to stay connected to work, sometimes opening users up to additional work opportunities. The internet also helps residents connect with schools providing online course, shopping access, and even access to healthcare professionals.

Wireless internet also allows users flexibility in their usage. Multiple devices can easily connect to the network at a time, whereas other services may limit the number of devices that can be connected at a time. Wireless also lets users move around home or the office without having to reconnect each time they move.

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