How Rural Internet Access Affects Real Estate and Property Values in Mississippi

How Rural Internet Access Affects Real Estate and Property Values in Mississippi

The availability of high-speed internet is becoming increasingly important in the real estate industry as more and more home buyers are looking for homes equipped with reliable internet access. This trend is particularly noticeable in rural areas where internet access is often limited, and this has a significant impact on property values.

Limited Internet Access in Rural Areas

In Mississippi, access to high-speed internet is particularly limited in rural areas due to several factors such as the lack of infrastructure, low population density, and geographical barriers. This lack of access has a significant impact on homeowners and potential buyers as not having reliable internet access can limit their ability to work from home or access important online services. Real estate agents report that home buyers often ask about the availability and speed of internet access in a property before making a purchase.

Impact on Property Values

The quality of internet access has a direct impact on the value of a property. According to a study conducted by the Fiber to the Home Council, homes equipped with fiber-optic internet connections have a 3.1% increase in value compared to homes without fiber-optic connections. In addition, properties located in areas with high-speed internet access are more attractive to potential buyers and tend to sell faster than those without.

However, rural areas with limited internet access experience the opposite effect. Homes located in areas without reliable internet access tend to have lower property values and take longer to sell. Real estate agents report that potential buyers often cite the lack of internet access as a significant factor in their decision to not purchase a home in a rural area.

Efforts to Expand Internet Access

Several initiatives have been launched in Mississippi to expand internet access in rural areas. In 2019, the Mississippi Legislature passed the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act, which provides tax incentives to telecommunication companies to expand broadband access in underserved areas. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has allocated funding to support the deployment of broadband in rural areas through its Connect America Fund.

These initiatives have led to some progress in expanding internet access in Mississippi's rural areas. However, there is still a long way to go, and many areas continue to experience limited access. The expansion of broadband access in rural areas is essential not only for the real estate industry but also for the economic development of these regions as a whole.


In conclusion, internet access is becoming an increasingly important factor in the real estate industry. Homes equipped with reliable high-speed internet connections tend to have higher values and attract more potential buyers. In Mississippi, the limited access to internet in rural areas has a significant impact on property values and the real estate market. Efforts to expand internet access in these areas are crucial for the development of the state's economy and its real estate industry.

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