what is rural internet ?

Rural Internet access is often difficult
The Internet has become an important facet of daily life. Most people use the Internet almost constantly in our daily lives. Cell phones, tablets, and computers are all common items that can be found in virtually all households. However, rural residents may not have access to the internet at home or have internet connections with slower speeds than their in-town counterparts.

Rural residents may have a hard time finding providers in their area, or may only be able to get slow download speeds due to their remote locations. Physical barriers such as mountains or bodies of water and large open spaces between houses are some examples of reasons rural people have trouble finding internet providers and fast internet services.

Wireless internet services are a great rural internet option
Wireless internet has multiple service options that have helped make internet access more readily available, and at higher speeds, for people in rural areas. DSL and cable provided services are not always available in the countryside, but wireless services are able to reach these people and help keep them connected.

Wireless Internet is available at different speeds
Wireless internet is available in 3G and 4G. It is important to consider what the internet will be used for the most when deciding on the best plan. However, be aware both plans may not always be available in all areas. If both 3G and 4G are options for you, knowing the pros and cons of each speed can help you make an informed decision.

3G wireless internet is available to a larger area than 4G is. While 3G wireless does offer fast speeds, its speeds are a bit slower than 4G’s. 4G is not as widely available as 3G but will have slightly faster speeds. Since 4G offers faster speeds than 3G, it requires the use of larger cell phone towers, which can limit its availability.

3G and 4G subscribers will need equipment such as modems, an antenna, and a signal booster to work. A LAN device will also be necessary to connect devices. 3G and 4G internet can be used as a wireless network, but users can plug in their devices if they prefer.

Satellite Internet is also an option for rural residents
Satellite internet is an option for some rural areas. Employing the use of space satellites that connect with a dish at home, satellite internet is often the only options for rural residents that are too far away from cell phone towers to utilize their signal to connect. Though satellite internet is a great option with faster speeds than traditional dial-up services, satellite internet is not without its issues. Since it does use satellites for service, it can sometimes lose signal in inclement weather. However, satellite, 3G, and 4G internet all are great options for rural internet service.


3G/4G OR Satellite Internet is an excellent solution ,
to this Growing Problem!!

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