What is Direct TV?
Direct TV, is a popular entertainment provider, best known for their television service. The provider utilizes a dish that often is put on the roofs, patios, or yards of their customers that provide television services to Direct TV customers. Phone services are also available for customers interested in a home phone line.

Direct TV was recently purchased by AT&T, which is increasing their phone and internet services. The merger is fairly recent and so far is not impacting exsiting Direct TV customer’s services.

Direct TV bundles
Direct TV often offers deals if subscribers bundle their entertainment services. Customers can bundle television service, phone plans, and internet from a variety of other providers for a discount. Most bundles do not require all three services to bundle and any combination of services could have a bundle option.

Direct TV and HughsNet
Direct TV offers bundles with internet service by partnering with various internet providers. One such partner is HughsNet, who provides satellite internet service. If you are already a HughsNet customer and are considering Direct TV for television service, be sure to call Direct TV directly for information on bundling deals. If you already have both HughsNet service and Direct TV television service separately, they may still be able to bundle the two services together to help you get the best price possible.
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Direct TV offers great customer service
Direct TV prides itself on offering outstanding customer service to its television and phone subscribers. In fact, Direct TV was ranked first in customer satisfaction in 2016 per the American Customer Satisfaction Index. This means Direct TV beat out all other dish providers and cable providers for best customer service. If you have questions about Direct TV’s internet bundle deals or simply want to know more about what Direct TV is, be sure to reach out to a customer service representative today.


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