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Yellow Jacket Satellite Internet
The Most Widely Accessible Internet Solution Nationwide!

While 3G or 4G internet access is often desirable, both for residential and commercial use, depending on where you live, your only option might be satellite internet. That’s because not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have a reliable 3/4G network that spans from coast to coast. As a result, if you want to break out of the old dial-up speed limitation, then a satellite-based solution is ideal for you.
You’re in luck! If you happen to live in a rural area, or a location that’s outside the normal range of designated 3G or 4G network towers, then never fear! Yellow Jacket Broadband’s satellite internet is here to rescue you.

Stay Connected Wherever You Live

With services such as Yellow Jacket Anywhere Internet, location is no longer a bottleneck for having residential or commercial internet access. And in some instances, especially across rural America, a reliable satellite service is the best choice to stay connected, no matter where you live.
So how does satellite internet work?
Just a couple of years ago, satellite service was probably one of the least sought after ways to connect to the internet. But today’s technologies have made internet access via satellites:
• Much more ubiquitous than just a few years ago
• More reliable than previously available choices
• Faster than speeds available through their predecessor satellite networks
• More cost-effective than ever
It’s no wonder then that, when most of rural America needs internet access, they turn to one of the most wide-ranging satellite internet service available. The process is really simple, and fast, using geostationary satellites orbiting nearly 22,300 KMS above the earth:
• Your computer sends a request for internet access to a satellite
• Your request is transmitted to the internet service provider’s satellite hub
• The information you requested from the internet is located, retrieved, and then transmitted back to the orbiting satellite
• The data is then routed by the geostationary satellite to your modem, which is connected to the satellite dish located in your home or office
All you need to do is ensure that your satellite dish has a clear and unobstructed path to receive the signals from the satellite.
It’s true that the process of satellite internet access spans thousands of kilometres above the earth, with signals travelling back and forth, from satellites to computers, to modems and dish antennas. However, thanks to the highly efficient, state of the art Yellow Jacket Broadband satellite network infrastructure, your internet access requests are sent and received in an instant – almost with lightning speeds!

Your Best Choice

With amazingly affordable pricing plans available for almost every perceivable need, surfing, chatting, texting, emailing, streaming and downloading at lightning fast speeds is now within reach across America, even if you live in underserved 3G or 4G rural areas.
With simple to set up equipment, extremely friendly and professional support, and virtually no restrictions on what you can do with your connection; satellite internet access from Yellow Jacket Broadband is your best choice.

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