How Fast is Satellite Internet ?

Satellite internet speed is a common question for potential subscribers. Learn what satellite internet can and cannot support before signing up. Also Have a peek at the top 3 Satellite Internet alternatives.

How fast is satellite internet?
Satellite internet speed is a big concern for many potential customers. Many people believe that satellite internet is slow and will not allow people to use the internet for everything they want or need to. However, satellite internet offers speeds that enable users to browse the web, stream movies and music, and play some online games. HughsNet offers speeds of 25 Mbps to download and upload speeds of 3Mbps. All HughsNet plans feature the same speeds ensuring all customers have the fastest internet possible. Its data plans differ allowing customers to pick the one that best fits their needs.

How satellite internet works
Due to the distance satellite signal has to travel, many people mistakenly think satellite internet speed is very delayed. The signal starts at the customer’s home or work, then travels about 22,000 miles to a satellite in space. It then goes to the Hughs Network Operation Center before going back to space and returning to you. All this travel takes place very quickly, and most users will only experience a lag time of less than a second. This delay is the same delay many people experience when on electronics such as SmartPhones that are not connected to wifi do.

Satellite internet speed and gaming
Online gaming is a popular online activity for many people and is often a concern for those considering satellite internet service. Thankfully, satellite internet can support most online gaming. Satellite internet supports games that are based on taking turns and do not require an immediate response. Examples of these types of games may be trivia games, online board games, and role playing games. Satellite internet does not support live action games such as multi player games and shooting games that require immediate responses. The slight, less than a second, delay can cause these games not to work properly.

Online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu,
can be run through your game system and are supported by satellite internet. Utilizing your data saving and data tracking tools are beneficial when streaming to monitor how much data you are using.

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