Get into Wireless Connection: User's Guide to Understanding What Is Satellite Internet?

The Internet is a necessity for most people these days. Unfortunately, there are still parts of the country that struggle to get the bare minimum of internet connection. Those that live in rural America don't have many options for internet providers.

The Internet is a necessity for most people these days. Unfortunately, there are still parts of the country that struggle to get the bare minimum of internet connection. Those that live in rural America don't have many options for internet providers.

We would like to introduce satellite internet, an affordable solution. It's ideal for those who need an internet connection without access to a landline. But, how good is satellite internet? 

Satellite Internet: What Is It?

Satellite internet is exactly as it sounds; the internet that's used via satellite connections. There are no physical wires in this system like typical internet services. It's very much like a TV service with a satellite dish.

Getting satellite internet is super simple! After you've contacted us to get the process started, you will fill out a few forms. Then we will decide on a date to send out a service technician. 

The experienced service technician will install a satellite dish at your home or office, outside on the roof. The technician will provide you with a modem that they will get set up, and bam! The internet is up and running. 

No telephone poles, no digging, just internet!

How Good Is Satellite Internet?

We offer this service to all 50 states to anyone who is eligible. Most of the time, our customers are those who live in rural areas without access to standard DSL internet. Whether they're outside the city limits, or in a newly developed area, the internet providers may not have run cables yet. 

As we look at a population density map, we can see that the East coast is the most densely populated in comparison to the size of each state. That doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has access to the internet though!

Satellite internet provides a solution to those who have poor options where they live. With that said, however, satellite internet is a great option for everyone! It's a simple setup process where the owner doesn't have to worry about cables or overhead lines running to their home or business. 

If you have DSL internet, there's always a chance that a car accident can break a telephone pole and your internet goes out. Or, a construction crew could dig through your lines 20 miles away. Satellite internet is a more reliable option!

If you're still not 100% convinced, read our customer reviews. These are real reviews from real people who have experienced our service. 

Satellite Internet: How Does It Work?

Satellite internet is a space-age idea, and it starts with you! When you get on your device, the action you're telling it to do is what triggers the whole process. Your device then sends the request to the satellite dish outside your home or business.

Your satellite dish sends that signal all the way to space where an orbiting satellite receives the signal and says, "oh okay"! Then that signal comes all the way back to Earth and your device processes your request. 

Your initial action travels over 46,000 miles round trip in a millisecond. How cool is that? 

Sometimes your request will pop into a service queue for the satellite provider. Of course, they don't touch the request because of how fast it moves through. But they do like to monitor how many things their satellite processes throughout the day. 

An important thing to remember with setting up your satellite internet is the location of your dish. The experienced technician will place the dish in the best location possible. This location will be free of obstructions and facing towards the southern skies.  

Satellite Internet and You

Now that we have you convinced, you're probably curious to learn more about everything you can do while on a satellite internet plan. You'll be able to treat it like a regular DSL plan, using it whenever you would like. 

A huge bonus with satellite internet is the fact that a large household (5+ people) can all be on the internet at once and it won't lag as a DSL service would. Using simple websites or apps will cause no problem at all. 

If all 5 or more of the household are trying to stream on Netflix, it might slow the speeds down. But this is to be expected with any internet service! Try us out to see the difference, you'll really notice it!

We offer 2 plans for satellite internet, one for $49.99 a month, and one for $99 a month. Our prices truly are unbeatable!

How Good Is Satellite Internet? Excellent!

Satellite internet is a modern solution to an old-world problem. You don't have to worry about living in a rural area anymore, this is your solution.

Even if you're not rural, satellite internet is a great option when you've exhausted all others. Sometimes it's hard to be happy with moderate internet speeds at astronomical prices. We understand, and that's something we're trying to change! 

If you have any questions on whether it's a good fit for you, please feel free to reach out. We'd love to hear from you! Here at Yellowjacket Broadband, the internet is our specialty.

Let us provide you with the best internet service around. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, and we do the rest! Contact us today to get the ball rolling on the best internet service you'll ever have!

So, how good is satellite internet? Clearly, it's excellent! Try us out today to be part of the Yellowjacket Broadband family. 

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