Cable vs. Satellite Internet: Which Is Best For Me?

What Is Cable Internet? Did you know that a rural community is defined as an area with less than 2,500 people? Cable internet uses a coaxial cable network to provide you with internet. This is where your internet service provider will send a data

If you live in a rural area, you're not alone. In the United States, there were about 328,239,523 people in 2019. Out of this number, about 46,063,061 lived in a rural area.

Living in a rural area can be a challenge for finding high-quality and fast internet. This article will take a look at cable vs satellite internet. Read on to explore more about these options in order to decide what's the fastest choice for your internet needs.

What Is Cable Internet?

Did you know that a rural community is defined as an area with less than 2,500 people? Cable internet uses a coaxial cable network to provide you with internet. This is where your internet service provider will send a data signal through the coaxial cable into your home.

Your modem uses an ethernet cable to have your router or computer connect you to high-speed internet. If you use a router, it'll allow you to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal throughout the home.

What Is Satellite Internet?

This is a common option for rural internet. You'll have a satellite dish on your house which will send signals to outer space. It then transfers to your internet hub on earth to receive the information from the website you're exploring.

After this, it beams back to your home again. Thanks to improved technology, the process is much quicker than it once was.

A benefit of satellite internet is that it can work nationwide as long as you have an installed satellite. Enjoy having up to 5 people online at once in rural communities with satellite internet.

Broadband satellite internet gives you a satellite dish that can be installed on your roof, a modem, and a connection to a geostationary satellite in space. Broadband satellite internet is different since it only takes milliseconds for messages to go back and forth between space and your satellite. You won't need to rely on physical cables or wiring with this option.

What Is Unlimited Wireless Internet?

Unlimited wireless internet uses radio waves instead of having to plug wires into your laptop, computer, smartphone, or other devices. While wireless used to not be a quick option, it's starting to pick up speed. Wireless LANs and Wi-Fi hotspots are also an option.

Is Satellite Internet Right for You?

Satellite internet is a great choice for you whether you're looking to travel or live in a rural area. In rural areas, it'll give you an option other than dial-up or DSL.

Satellite is often faster than both dial-up and DSL. Keep in mind that it might cost more, but it'll be worth it to have quick and reliable internet.

Is Cable Internet Right for You?

Cable internet isn't always an option for rural areas. This is because deeper rural areas aren't accessible with cables.

A lack of access to cables is due to a lack of infrastructure. If you do have access to cable internet in rural areas, it might lack fast internet or reliable providers.

Satellite Internet Benefits

First, it's not only available in populated areas. Many are able to have internet thanks to satellite.

Also, after natural disasters, it tends to be quicker to recover than other internet options. It can also cost less than mobile hotspots.

Satellite Internet Cons

It might not support VPN. Certain satellite internet options can be limited when it comes to satellite internet. It might be slower than some internet options.

Unlimited Wireless Internet Benefits

One of the top benefits of wireless internet is that it's accessible, even in hard-to-reach areas. You can offer your guests access to your internet service as well.

Wireless vs Satellite Internet

Since the signal has to travel through space, satellite internet can be slower. If there's a storm nearby, it might affect your internet conditions.

You might also experience a lag in speed with satellite which can impact video and online gaming. Satellite internet is much faster than it once was, and there's beta testing happening which will open up more options for satellite internet.

Fixed wireless internet is an option in rural locations that connect one location. This can be a farm or a house that's connected to the internet with radio waves.

The benefit of this is that you don't need a cable or phone line. You'll need an antenna.

Wireless internet can also offer you fewer issues due to the weather than satellite. Since the wireless signal is short-ranged, it's a smaller area that can be impacted by the weather.

Unlimited Wireless Internet Speed

Since they have antennas that are attached on or near your home, you'll suffer from less latency or lag. This means that you'll be able to enjoy great latency due to the tower and antenna not being too far apart.

Whereas, a satellite signal needs to travel thousands of miles between the satellite and your computer. This is what can cause a lag with your internet speed.

Exploring the Differences Between Cable vs Satellite Internet

Now that you've explored this guide, you should have a better idea of which internet option is right for you. Satellite internet gives you options when you're in a rural area and want faster internet.

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