Lack Of Internet in Muslim Majority Countries

Brothers and sisters, many muslim countries currently lack access to the internet and they are suffering, as an Ummah we all suffer because of this.

The Prophet of Allah (Sullalahu ‘Alaihi wa salam) said “The Muslim Ummah is like one body. If the eye is in pain then the whole body is in pain and if the head is in pain then the whole body is in pain”. Brothers and sisters, many muslim countries currently lack access to the internet and they are suffering, as an Ummah we all suffer because of this. It is our duty to take care of the members of our Ummah, as “giving up on a muslim, is not befitting for a muslim”.


Yemen has a population of about 30 million with 38.2% living in urban areas and 61.8% living in rural areas. In January of 2021 there were 8.06 million internet users in Yemen making it around 26.7% of the population. Internet blackouts in war zones like Yemen contribute to the hiding and concealing of crimes against humanity and heavily impair their already fragile economy. The land cables to Saudi Arabia were cut at the start of Yemen's civil war, and due to the conflict any other undersea cables are yet to be made (stated by TeleYemen).


As of January, 2023 Syria has a population of about 16 million residents and in 2021 it was documented that they had 8.5 million internet users. 8.5 million internet users make up just 46.5% of the population. As another country that is prone to war, terrorism, extremism, and crimes against humanity it is crucial that the Syrian residents have internet access to spread awareness and to receive donations. Especially after the very recent 2023 severe earthquakes that have killed over 50,000 people.


WIth a population of 45 million and an internet access rate of 50%, there are an estimated 28.4 million Iraqi internet users. Iraq has a rich history ranging from the martyrdom of the grandson of the prophet, Hussain ( ع) to the province of the Persian sasanian empire. As Well as the muslim inventors of: Robots, Algebra, Pediatrics, writing, perfume, etc. Iraq quite possibly has the richest and most complex history out of anywhere in the world. Which is why it's crucial that the headquarters of world history has access to the internet.


Palestine has a population of about 5 million and an internet accessibility rate of around 80 percent. Though, to be completely honest, I don't know whether this percentage represents “Israel” , a first world country playing out apartheid, or Palestine, which is no longer on the map. Suppose this percentage was accurate, it would hardly be considered stable. As Palestine is getting smaller by the days. Which is why it is of utmost importance that we get our brothers and sisters in Palestine representation and the internet. To spread the #FreePalestine movement, together as a muslim Ummah, this is OUR responsibility and no one else's. Especially because one of our holy mosques Al-Aqsa, the mosque where all of the prophets of Allah prayed in congregation with RasoolAllah (SA) in front at this mosque. Spread the movement. Free Palestine.

Help Them

Below I have provided a list of various ways to donate to the above mentioned causes. Including the recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, The #FreePalestine Movement, Iraq’s religious history sites/shrines, and various Islamic and humanitarian movements:
Help Syria & Turkey: DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE: Syria and Turkey | International Rescue Committee

Help provide food, medical care, and supplies to children and families in conflict-affected countries such as Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and Ethiopia: Now more than ever, refugee families need our support | International Rescue Committee

Donate to Palestine and All Muslim countries: Islamic Relief USA (

Donate to Yemen: Donate to Yemen | Worst Humanitarian Crisis | Islamic Relief USA (

Donate Zakat: Donate - IslamiCity

Donate Iftar for Ramadan 2023: Feed the Fasting | Donate Iftar this Ramadan | UKIM

Donate to the Shia Muslim council of Southern California: Donate - Shia Muslim Council

Donate Khums and support free access to TRUE Islamic Information: Support - Quran - Blog

Donate Qurans to Non-Muslims: Home - Furqaan Project

Donate to largest Shia masjid in the UK: Donations – Idara-e-Jaaferiya

Donate to FIRST Muslim undergraduate college in the United States: Support Zaytuna College | Zaytuna College

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