How Fast is Satellite Internet ?

Satellite internet speed is a common question for potential subscribers. Learn what satellite internet can and cannot support before signing up. Also Have a peek at the top 3 Satellite Internet alternatives.

Super Charged WiFi – Has it arrived yet?

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there: You’re using your home (or office) WiFi to download something, or watch a colleague’s graphic/video-heavy presentation, and you get “screen freeze”. You just throw up your hands, reboot, and start all

Is 5G Just Around The Corner?

So, you think being part of a 4G cellular network is cool, right? Well think again! If Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications and networking giant, has anything to do with it, then your 4G network may soon – well, relatively speaking! – be a th

Proposed FCC Rules: Are Small Set-Top Box Providers In For Tough Times?

Back in February this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in a proposed rule-making document, provided some insight into new rules governing set-top-boxes that it was going to enact later this year.

Space X rocket explosion: Exploding Facebook’s Broadband satellite hopes?

Many tech giants have recently been in a race to get low-cost, high-speed internet access to primarily underserved communities across the globe.

Google Fiber’s Wireless Broadband Plans

If you live in rural areas across America, or are a resident of otherwise lower density geographies, then the chances are that you still don’t have access to fast, reliable broadband wireless internet in your home or business.

Dish Network & Tribune Media Make Peace

The perpetual war of words, pictures and “war over the air”, between cable companies and broadcasters has trapped consumers in an ugly cross fire.

AT&T-Direct TV Merger: Low-income users loose out!

Back in July 2015, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set out terms for AT&Ts acquisition of Direct TV.

Yellow Jacket Satellite Internet

The Nations Leading Alternative to Satellite Internet, Rural Areas ? NO PROBLEM!

Wireless 5G Perhaps Before 2017?

Lightning Fast Wireless Internet, Technology from the future Is what Experts are telling media.

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