Weak Signal? 7 Great Tips for How to Boost Your WiFi Signal

If your internet is slow, sometimes it's a problem with your wifi signal rather than your internet speed. Try these tips for how to boost your WiFi signal.

When people think about connecting to the Internet, they often think of two ways: a traditional wired line or using WiFi.

WiFi is one of the biggest communication transmitters around the world. This is due to 71% of mobile communications flowing over wireless internet. Despite this fact, one of the biggest frustrations that people face with WiFi is the poor signal.

It suffices to say that your internet experience is at the mercy of your wireless router's signal. Even a good Internet service plan won't get you far if the WiFi signal isn't great.

Don't know how to boost your WiFi signal if you live in a place where it's always weak and unstable?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some tips you can follow. You can try these yourself to improve on your wireless internet experience.

1. Switch to the Latest Version of the Router

How can you increase the WiFi signal? Consider the thought of upgrading to the latest version of your router.

There are people using older models like the 802.11g or 802.11n. These models, known to many as Wireless G and Wireless N, are earlier iterations of the wireless router. In case you are one of these people, consider getting an up-to-date router instead.

Look for the latest version, which is the 802.11ac. Go straight for this unit if you're buying for the first time.

Not only is it designed with more modern WiFi capabilities but it also features a longer lifespan with its firmware. It's also compatible with your smart devices. Using this router can lead to better speed and a stronger signal.

2. Find an Optimal Router Placement

Another method you can use to boost your WiFi signal is to find the best place for the router to operate. You want to make sure it works right.

But how does WiFi work?

The term stands for Wireless Fidelity and it uses radio waves to transmit data. Your router receives the data from the Internet then decodes it into digital information your computer can use. The router will also convert data from your computer back into radio waves to send it out to the Web.

Routers operate at optimal performance when you place them in open areas. They can transmit the signal far better when unhindered. Make sure that there are no walls or obstructions. Try to put the router in a central area, like the center of your house for better coverage.

This all means you shouldn't leave the router in a spot where there is interference. This means you shouldn't set your router in a cupboard or locking it in a room with no window.

If possible, you can try and set the antennae in a perpendicular position (one raised in vertical position, the other in an outward horizontal position).

3. Use a Less-Crowded Wireless Channel

One reason why you are encountering a slowdown to your internet connection is when you have a crowded wireless channel. If you have neighbors, their routers and access points may end up interfering with yours. This may cause a degradation to the signal integrity.

Fret not, wireless routers are capable of operating on many different channels. Aim to find a channel that has the least amount of interference as possible.

To make sure that it is using a channel that has the least amount of interference, you should log in to the router's admin page. This interface allows you to check your WiFi channel and make necessary adjustments.

This should help you enjoy with a better wireless internet experience.

4. Get a Stronger Antenna

A good way to boost the signal for your router is to get a stronger antenna to transmit the signal. Most WiFi routers tend to come with small antennas. These are only capable of emitting weaker signals, at an average of 4 dB.

Stronger antennas tend to be between 10 to 15 inches tall and emit waves at 10 dB. Using better antennae can boost your WiFi without having to buy a new router.

5. How to Boost Your WiFi Signal? Cut Off WiFi Leeches

Another WiFi signal booster technique is to check if there is any form of leeching on your connection. There's always the possibility of your neighbors or someone else piggyback riding on your network.

Don't get mad immediately. Some people don't even know they connected to your network by mistake.

To prevent this, make sure that your WiFi has a strong encryption and password protection. This way, no one else can use your wireless network unless you allow them to.

If you have a lot of guests, consider having a separate guest network. When you do, make sure you have a limit on its range. You can also opt to protect it with a different password, changing the password often to keep it secured.

6. Have a WiFi Repeater/Booster/Extender

If you have a location that your router cannot reach by normal means, consider using a WiFi repeater. Some refer to it as a WiFi booster, WiFi amplifier or extender. This booster receives the signal from your router and then amplifies it before it re-transmits the WiFi signal.

Through this manner, you can increase the coverage of your WiFi router. The installation process for a repeater would usually involve the push of the WPS button. Some others may need an app to allow for an easier fine-tune.

It's a cheap and useful technique for folks with big homes or thick walls.

7. Try Using DIY Tricks

If you are wondering about the reach of your WiFi signal, consider the thought of doing some DIY tricks to enhance your signal reach.

There are various methods using everyday items, like the use of an old beer can or a cooking strainer. While the results using these are not as drastic, they could be useful.

You can also use antenna extension cables or even directional antennas to boost your WiFi router's performance. You can spend a little money to boost your router's performance without breaking the bank.

Enhance Your Wireless Experience Today!

With this guide, you can master how to boost your WiFi signal. Make sure that there is little obstruction for the signal for your router. With a secure network, you will be able to experience faster speeds.

When it comes to wireless internet solutions, we have options that you can peruse to suit your needs. If you also have questions, feel free to contact us and we'll help you in any way possible.

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